COVID-19 Services and Information


  • Schedule your preferred shifts in the Assessment Centre at Michael Garron Hospital
  • Information on what to expect when working at the Assessment Centre
  • Updated May 25, 2020: Testing criteria for COVID-19 Patients Presenting from the Community
  • How to send your patient to the COVID-19 Assessment Centre at Michael Garron Hospital
  • Listing of all Toronto Assessment Centres.


  • Updated June 1: Thank you to Dr. Jeff Powis for valuable insight during the EasT-FPN bi-weekly primary care COVID open forum. Next session is on June 24, 2020.
  • Get valuable and real-time advice by joining the EasT-FPN bi-weekly live call or videoconference with Dr. Jeff Powis, Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Control, Michael Garron Hospital, on every other Wednesday starting on May 13, 2020. Submit your question for Dr. Powis here.
  • Dr. Powis’ 10 Practical Tips for Family Practice
  • New: Compilation of Open Forum Information
  • Case Definition of COVID provided by MOH. Note: These are for surveillance purposes and not intended to replace clinical or public health practitioner judgment.
  • COVID Reference Document for Symptoms from MOH - May 25, 2020
  • How to video on how to perform a nasopharyngeal swab from the Alberta Health Service.
  • Expanded COVID 19 testing guidelines from MOH - June 2, 2020.
  • Additional Direction on testing strategy. This direction is in addition to the COVID testing guidance updated as of June 2, 2020. See here
  • New: The Ontario government is allowing the resumption of elective and non-essential care. The CPSO has released some FAQs to help answer questions physicians may have as the health system services re-open. Click here to view the link.


PPE: DROPLET PRECAUTIONS Recommended for ALL Routine Care:

  • Emergency Care including CPR modified during COVID; CPR is an aerosol generating procedure; requires full airborne precautions, call EMS/Defibrillator/NO bag/valve/mask unless proper filter.
  • Find when to wear which PPE, surgical Mask or N95, on the OMA PPE guidelines from March 30, 2020.
  • See Dr. Jeff Powis’ video on how to preserve PPE and take it off safely. Note: This video was developed for the hospital but these techniques are applicable to community practice. An Info-graphic for your office on how to dispose of your surgical mask safely in English and French.
  • Signage on how to put on and take off your PPE. Watch a VIDEO on how to properly sequence your PPE.
  • Short on PPE? Please let us know at:
  • A survey request from OH to assess stock of PPE in the primary care community for future assistance.
  • Ethical Framework for the Allocation of Personal Protective Equipment during COVID-19.
  • Link to an article Keeping the Coronavirus from Infecting Health-Care Workers
  • NEW: Debunking PPE myths with Dr. Jeff Powis. See here on what masks health care workers should wear during COVID-19


Information on Virtual Care:

  • OntarioMD info on Virtual Care options in EMRs.
  • OntarioMD and OMA Virtual Care: COVID-19 Guide and recent OHIP bulletins K codes: Bulletin #4745 and #11229


  • Register here to be notified and/or participate in initiatives:
  • Long Term Care and Retirement Home Support in Toronto East
  • 100 Community Convalescent Beds (Covid and Not)
  • Emily House Support and Palliative care
  • Seniors Community Hub and MUMS (Mobile Unit Medics)
  • Homeless Population and COVID
  • Pediatric and Adult Viral Assessment Centres in East Toronto
  • Digital (Hypercare)
  • New: We created a Shared Clinical Resource Library and would welcome you to create folders and add relevant clinical information for your colleagues to access.


Information for your patients that can be posted in your practice or shared electronically.

  • Patient COVID-19 self-assessment tool.
  • COVID-19 Public Health Resources.
  • How to wash your hands
  • When and How to wear a mask.
  • How to self-monitor
  • How to self-isolate
  • Self-isolation: Guide for caregivers, household members and close contacts
  • Cleaning and disinfection for public settings
  • Guidelines on ending self-isolation
  • A poster with key tips on how to wear and dispose of masks.
  • A guide on how to sanitize your mobile phone and phone case.
  • How to sew a mask and take part in the MGH Mask Challenge.
  • NEW: Download a free workbook to help manage stress and anxiety from COVID-19