Dear Scarborough Doctor,

We are excited to announce that the developing Scarborough OHT has been approved by the Ministry of Health to submit for a full application.

Over the past number of months, a group of dedicated Scarborough family physician leaders have been voluntarily meeting to plan for the formation of the Scarborough-Family Physicians Network (S-FPN for short).

The purpose of this network is:

  1. To ensure that family physicians with patients who receive care in Scarborough will have a strong leadership and decision-making role in the development and implementation of the Scarborough Ontario Health Team.
  2. To ensure that family physicians of the Scarborough-FPN can advocate with a unified voice for appropriate funding and support for family practice in the Scarborough Ontario Health Team.
Please provide your support for the creation of a Scarborough Family Physicians Network by filling out the form below.


By typing your name above, you agree to become a member of the inaugural Scarborough-Family Physicians Network - the unified voice for family doctors in Scarborough. Signing this form does not create any binding legal obligations or commitments to the Scarborough-OHT, it simply acknowledges your membership to the Scarborough-FPN.

Together, we can advocate as one voice for appropriate support and funding for family practice in Scarborough, as it reshapes the delivery of health care for our patients.

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