Ontario Health Teams

Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) are integrated health care delivery systems that aim to provide patients with a full and seamless continuum of care.  Physicians, the OMA, and patients have been calling for healthcare integration for many years. Once fully developed, OHTs will consist of groups of healthcare organizations, physicians, and other health care providers working together as a team to provide the full continuum of care for their patient population.

Integration between members of the team will be enabled by digital health solutions, including information-sharing and virtual care delivery tools. Each OHT will have its own governance structure, will receive its own funding envelope, and will be held accountable for the health outcomes and costs of its patient population.

Physician leadership is key to the success of integrated systems like OHTs. 

The Scarborough OHT has been approved for full application submission in September 2020.

The OHT vision: “People will have optimal health and positive experiences through an accessible, equitable and integrated team, system of care, services and supports.”